"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."
Special Olympics Oath.
So Get Into It™

A Teacher's Resource Kit to
Involve Youth in Special Olympics

A Resource that
Breaks Barriers..

Special Olympics Get Into It™ provides teachers with the tools to introduce Special Olympics to students with and without disabilities. This is key to increasing our involvement with schools and increasing the number of athletes in the program.

The resource kit offers materials to teach students to become aware of and understand disabilities and learn that people with disabilities can achieve goals in spite of barriers. It also introduces them to inspirational Special Olympics athletes and offers them guidance in creating service-learning activities for school and community participation with Special Olympics.

Established in 1968 by Eunice
Kennedy Shriver, the mission of
Special Olympics is to provide
year-round sports training and
athletic competition in a variety
of Olympic-type sports for persons
eight years and older with
intellectual disabilities, giving them
continuing opportunities to develop
physical fitness, demonstrate
courage, experience joy and
participate in a sharing of gifts,
skills and friendship with their
families, other Special Olympics
athletes and the community.

A Resource that's...
Absolutely Free!

Meets curriculum standards for all grades

What's Inside?

The SO Get Into It™ kit includes the following types of materials:

Lesson plans on disability awareness, inspirational athletes, setting and achieving goals, and service-learning activities for school and community

Videotapes about the message of Special Olympics and inspirational stories

Activity cards for action-oriented involvement with Special Olympics

Fact sheets on Special Olympics, mental retardation, Unified Sports®, Partners Clubs® and other related topics

Web-related resources and links relevant to the lesson plans

Special Olympics athlete bios and stories with photographs

Local Special Olympics Program contact information

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"Thank you so very much from a teacher's heart. I absolutely love what I do and being able to guide my students to the level of acceptance and tolerance that your curriculum provides is incredible. Oh, what tools you have provided! Oh, the impact they will have!"

Rebecca Kutcher
Parent of Special Olympics Athlete Trista Kutcher
Breaks Barriers...
Early Elementary: Ages 5 - 7
Elementary: Ages 8 - 10
Intermediate: Ages 11 - 13
Secondary: Ages 14 - 18
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