· 2009 - Chris Paynter, SOOK Athlete, was selected as one of 10 athletes to carry the torch during the 2009 Final Leg at the World Winter Games in Idaho. Shawn Byrne, Oklahoma City Police Department and Oklahoma's Law Enforcement Torch Run delegate, will accompany Chris during the Final Leg.

· 2007 - Debbie Dorris, Joseph Harp Correctional Facility was our state's delegate for the 2007 World Games Final Leg in China.

· 2005 - Trooper Calvin Symes of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was our state’s delegate for the 2005 World Games Final Leg in Nagano, Japan.

· 2003 - Inspector Don Hull of the Oklahoma City Police Department was our state's delegate for the 2003 World Games Final Leg in Ireland.
"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."
Special Olympics Oath.
Shawn Byrne, OKC PD and Chris Paynter, Special Olympics Oklahoma Athlete carried Flame of Hope for the Final Leg in 2009 World Winter Games in Idaho.
Debbie Dorris, Joseph Harp Correctional Facility at 2007 World Summer Games in China
Don Hull, 2003 Final Leg, Ireland. Don Hull is an Inspector with the Oklahoma City Police Department.
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Torch Run

Each year, hundreds of Oklahoma law enforcement employees organize and participate in the Torch Run for Special Olympics. The Torch Run is a series of relay runs leading up to the Special Olympics Oklahoma State Summer Games. Runners carry the Torch from all corners of the state and meet up in Stillwater. The culmination of the run is at the Summer Games Opening Ceremonies, where the torch bearers bring the “Flame of Hope” into the ceremonies to light the Summer Games Cauldron.

Oklahoma’s annual Torch Run is not only a symbolic relay, it is also a fundraising opportunity for Special Olympics Oklahoma. Runners are encouraged to collect pledges from family and friends for their participation in the event. Your pledges are a great way to encourage the runner and also raise money for the athletes of Special Olympics Oklahoma.

Torch Runs are also carried out on an international level. Every two years, Oklahoma sends a delegate to run in the Final Leg of the Special Olympics World Games. Our delegate joins runners from each of the 50 states and from 27 other countries.

Each year in January, the Law Enforcement Torch Run Executive Committee hosts the annual kick-off luncheon. Law enforcement officers and employees from agencies around the state attend this luncheon. Attendees are treated to lunch and given awards for their agencies. The luncheon also serves as a springboard into the new year's events. The luncheon is open to any officer or employee of any agency in Oklahoma interested in attending.

For reservations contact 918-481-1234.

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Mark Wollmerhauser's complete Executive Letter - May 27, 2010
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Congratulations to Paul Fox & Shawn Byrne for being selected to be Final Leg Runners in the 2010 USA National Games in Nebraska.