"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."
Special Olympics Oath.
Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities for Your Company!
For forty years, Special Olympics Oklahoma has helped thousands of children and adults with intellectual disabilities overcome obstacles and realize dreams through sports training and competition.

Special Olympics Oklahoma is a non-profit, self-sustaining corporation that receives no government funding and is not a United Way affiliate.
All of Special Olympics Oklahoma's financial support emanates from the generosity of individuals, corporations, grants, and foundations who recognize the need to provide quality sports programs and training to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

Corporations are invited to help make a difference in the lives of Special Olympics Oklahoma athletes and increase their level of social responsibility and community involvement while positively impacting their company’s bottom line.

Why Special Olympics?
By partnering with Special Olympics, your company will be associated with one of the most established, recognized, respected and trusted brands in the world:

Sponsorship opportunities partner your company’s goals and objectives with those of Special Olympics Oklahoma. Here are just a few of the ways that your company can become a part of the Special Olympics family.

Year-Round Sponsorship:

State Athletic Games & Competitions:
With four different state-level competitions available, corporations and civic organizations will receive recognition in the community where they live and work while celebrating the spirit and dreams of Special Olympics Oklahoma athletes.

Special Events:
Find out about the many exciting and unique events hosted by Special Olympics Oklahoma that not only provide valuable opportunities for networking, employee morale-building, and corporate brand-enhancement, but also support Special Olympics programs for over 9,500 athletes!

Benefits of Partnering with Special Olympics Oklahoma Include:
· Named one of “America’s Greatest Brands” by American Brand Council (2005)
· Named one of “America’s Greatest Brands” by American Brand Council (2005)
· Named one of the “100 Best Charities” in America (Worth, December 2003)
· Non-Profit Organization of the Year (Direct Marketing Association, 2001)
· Internationally recognized and supported by the Olympics (IOC)
· Named “Favorite Charity” by Time magazine survey, Citicorp and Procter & Gamble
· 77% of people surveyed nationally were very or somewhat familiar with Special Olympics
· 97% of people surveyed nationally were very or somewhat favorable toward Special Olympics
· 85% of people surveyed nationally said they were likely to buy a product from a company who supports Special Olympics
- National Research (market Research by Penn, Shoen and Berland Associates, Inc., December 2006)
· 85% of the american public believes corporate partnerships with Special Olympics "make a difference" in the lives of children and adults with intellectual disabilities
· 77% of the public say they would be "extremely" likely to spend more to purchase a product or service if they were helping Special Olympics
· 70% of the public feel more positive about companies that support Special Olympics
· Given the choice of two products with similar price and quality, 76% of the public would "almost always" choose a product associated with Special Olympics.
- National Research (performance Research, 2001)
· Opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Special Olympics Oklahoma athletes
· Official association with Special Olympics Oklahoma--an organization with a favorable public image that provides important services to the local community
· Acknowledgement of sponsorship in Special Olympics Oklahoma statewide circulated publications (print and electronic)
· Opportunity to use sponsorhip status in corporate communications and advertising materials
· Corporate banners prominently displayed at competitions and/or special events.
· Opportunity for customer involvement in cause-related marketing promotions
· Team building opportunities for employees through involvement as volunteers that help provide spirit and excitement at Special Olympics Okahoma events (creating public awareness for your organization as a caring corporate citizen)
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