"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."
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Created by the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation. Authorized and Accredited by Special Olympics, Inc., for the Benefit of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.  2009 Special Olympics Oklahoma    Contact:  918-481-1234
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October 19, 2009 -- This week, all of the major television networks in the United States will be featuring volunteerism as a sub-plot of their shows. Characters will volunteer or discuss the benefits of volunteerism.

ABC has also created a feature on volunteerism which directly shares a story about Special Olympics. This special has been distributed to all ABC affiliates throughout the country and will run on ABC through this volunteer awareness week. Please enjoy the piece that was created about us.

Volunteer Video -- It Starts With You
2009 Summer Games 40th Anniversary Documentary:

Part 1 of 8  (2:30 min.)   2009 Special Olympics Oklahoma Summer Games:  2009 Special Olympics Oklahoma's 40th Anniversary celebrated at Summer Games in Stillwater, Oklahoma on the campus of Oklahoma State University. Catch the excitement in the Part 1 of an 8-part series.

- Part 2 of 8 (4:19 min.)   40 Years of Special Olympics Oklahoma!   
Special Olympics Oklahoma 2009 Summer Games and Opening Ceremonies. Highlights include tribute to Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Law Enforcement Torch Run, Opening Ceremonies, Parade of Athletes, Travis Ford (OSU Head Coach), Larry Reese (OSU Voice of the Stadium), Burns Hargis (President, OSU), John Holcomb (Sports Director, KOTV, Tulsa), and Barry Switzer (Head Coach of Special Olympics Oklahoma.

-  Part 3 of 8 (4:17 min.)  
   What It Means to Us!         
Special Olympics Oklahoma 2009 Summer Games begins. What It Means to Us interview with Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci (Olympic Gold Medalists) and Day One Aquatics competitions.

-  Part 4 of 8 (2:50 min.)     
It's All in the Family!        
2009 Special Olympics Oklahoma Summer Games. Highlighting Family involvement including interviews with parents of Special Olympics Oklahoma ahtletes. Bocce competition at Oklahoma State University Boone Pickens Stadium.

-  Part 5 of 8 (5:03 min.) 
Why I Give:  Volunteers! 
Volunteer opportunities abound at Special Olympics Oklahoma Summer Games every year. There are more than 2,500 volunteers, staff and coordinators who work to make Summer Games a success. This is Oklahoma's largest amateur sporting events led by Adrian DeWendt, Special Olympics Oklahoma Executive Director and Jim Scott, Summer Games Director.

-  Part 6 of 8 (4:07 min.)   
The Persuasion of Power! 
Special Olympics Oklahoma is more than just Summer Games, it is in the business of changing lives. Barry Switzer has plenty to say about this; afterall, he's been volunteering as Special Olympics Oklahoma's Head Coach for 36 years!

-  Part 7 of 8 (2:51 min.)  
Baby, We Were Born to Run!
Special Olympics Oklahoma is a nonprofit organization and depends on private donations. Participation in Special Olympics is at no cost to the Special Olympics Oklahoma athlete. Those costs are taken care of through sponsorships, individual fundraising and special events. When donating to Special Olympics Oklahoma, the money stays local, directly impacting Oklahomans. The Track & Field Event at Summer Games is just one of ten official sports offered at Special Olympics Oklahoma Summer Games.

-  Part 8 of 8 (4:14 min.)   
Everybody Dance Now! 
Jim Oldroyd, Special Olympics Oklahoma 2009 Volunteer of the Year, speaks about his 21 years of volunteering with Special Olympics. Summer Games wouldn't be an event without a dance, and the athletes have a social network second to none. Special Olympics Oklahoma Summer Games is an annual 3-day event giving the athletes the opportunity to compete, receive medals and ribbons, and socialize. This 8 part series is just a glimpse of into the overall program offered to Special Olympics Oklahoma athletes. For more information about volunteering, contributing or getting an athlete involved, please visit www.sook.org or call 918-481-1234.
To be added soon:

I Am A Champion documentary:

A documentary which chronicles the compelling
stories of three diverse Special Olympics Oklahoma athletes in their quest to compete in the 40th Annual
Special Olympics Oklahoma Summer Games.

Television and film are two of the most influential media shaping the attitudes and behavior of society. Through these mass media outlets, Special Olympics Oklahoma will be able to generate further awareness for the movement but, more importantly, share with society the true abilities of people with intellectual disabilities and break down destructive stereotypes. If you would like more information about the two documentaries 2009 Summer Games 40th Anniverary and I Am A Champion, please contact Donna Ham, Public Relation Director at 918-481-1234 or .

Both documentaries have appeared numerous times on COX cable stations and OETA. We are grateful for these two media outlets for their generosity to Special Olympics Oklahoma.